movie 2k: Benefits of Watching Movies

Do you enjoy watching movies because they are entertaining? Are you among those who consider movies as a mere diversion from the routines of life? Well, you are not alone in thinking this way. Actually, a lot of people believe that movies are only for entertainment and does not anymore deeper values. But do you believe that watching movies has many benefits? Benefits of movies Watching movies together with your family strengthens your bond. Whether Read more

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YUMMY MOVIE SNACKS @ MOBILE FOOD TRUCK ROW EVERY WEEKEND the phenomenon that is mobile food services these days has invaded the Hollywood Outdoor Cinema this summer. Whatever you fancy, we got it from South Indoan Dosa (Dosa Truck), Koji Style burgers(Marked 5), to Pulled Pork Sanwiches with Sweet Potatoe fries (Gastrobus), topped off with movie themed Ice cream sandwiches (Cool Haus) Leave your picnic at home and come sample some of the best that Read more

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